How do I obtain a restaurant's phone number or address?
Click "Locations" and magically you'll be able to get addresses and phone numbers for every Hooters restaurant.

Where can I find nutritional information?
At Hooters we make our food fresh for you and are constantly adding new items to our menu. Many of our guests request items to be customized to their preference by adding or substituting items and we are happy to oblige. Because of the millions of combinations available and our desire to frequently give you new menu options it is impossible to provide accurate nutritional data.

I'm allergic to certain foods, where can I get a list of ingredients?
Because the menu is always changing and we frequently improve items by using new ingredients it is impossible to provide a complete list. For your safety please avoid any foods which may typically contain allergens that would affect your condition.

Does Hooters offer catering services?
You betcha. Hooters wings, buffalo shrimp, sandwiches and salads are great for to-go orders and big events. Contact your nearest Hooters restaurant for details and pricing.

I'm doing a school project on Hooters, where can I find detailed information?
Wow are we flattered you would do a school project about us. You picked Hooters just as an excuse to make a field trip right? There is a tremendous amount of information about Hooters under the "Company" tab of the www.hooters.com home page. Included in this section is the "About Hooters" media statement. Through the years, we've been asked lots of questions and we used that experience to compile this statement. If you have a question chances are it is answered in these pages. If you are looking for detailed financial information here it is: we make a lot of money.